Holistic Education Transformation – Empower School Leaders with a Transformation Framework

Education providers around the world are implored to modernize, reform, and rethink the nature of primary and secondary schooling so the education experience is more relevant for learners and better aligned to community needs. Sparking the natural curiosity of young people and enabling them to be successful in college, career, and community often involves changing an entire education system, rather piecemeal initiatives. Transforming education is challenging, and there is often a discrepancy between policy-making and true change in the student learning experience.

The challenge for education in the 21st century is to create an approach that is agile, adaptable and in tune with the lives of young people outside of the classroom and their future employability. Effective change requires a more holistic approach to completely transform the learning experience of the learners. To empower education change agents, we propose a holistic education transformation framework to guide leaders.

The Microsoft in Education Transformation Framework is a guide for educators and leaders engaged in holistic education transformation. The critical conversations needed for effective transformation of education systems are the focus of this series. Each expert author presents a global perspective on the topic through the current thinking and evidence from research and practice, as well as showcase examples. Specifically, the papers document the contributions of anytime anywhere approaches to K-12 learning and explore the potential of new technology for transforming learning outcomes for students and their communities.

Start by reading the Microsoft in Education Transformation Framework Overview

Download the Transformation Framework Papers available to download as PDF files:

Microsoft in Education Transformation Framework graphic showing all the critical conversation topics in a grid framework

Comments (7)

  1. Yes, holistic approach to transform the system is highly recommended. This is widely discussed by school leaders in Microsoft in Education Global Forum 2014. We emphasized for a framework that could be flexible so that education leaders worldwide can adopt
    it aligning it with their national education policy.

  2. Ardiana says:

    Great work. This framework should be adopted and implemented by all school systems.

  3. Michelle Pudney says:

    A must read by all site leaders

  4. Marksp@microsoft.com says:

    Introduced the materials to the Showcase Schools yesterday…. strong positive feedback. A deceptively simple framework which recognizes that there are certain building blocks which need to be positioned to sustain deep improvement.

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