Guest blog post by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer: Welcome, OneNote Class Notebook Creator!

Guest blog post by Helen Gooch, Microsoft Fellow and Master Trainer

OneNote Class Notebook Creator is a new app enhancement for Microsoft OneNote based on feedback teachers shared with Microsoft about how to make OneNote even better for student achievement.

OneNote has been around since Office 2003 and yet, as we work with educators around the world we are constantly surprised that this unbelievably, amazing tool is still the best kept secret going. When educators begin using OneNote; they have no idea how they ever managed before and constantly find new ways to incorporate it into their professional practice. If you are new to OneNote see what you have been missing! Check out the informative Microsoft EduCast video hosted by Kim West, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, to help you get started with OneNote. And, read how teachers save time organizing lessons and grading assignments with OneNote to get more best practices on using OneNote, which is available for to download for free.

OneNote is great! However, what teachers have asked loudly and repeatedly for is the ability to easily roll up multiple student notebooks, great for lessons, grading, and collaboration, into a single class OneNote notebook for the teacher.

What this new tool is:

The OneNote Class Notebook Creator is an app for Office 365 and SharePoint Online that helps you set up OneNote in your class on all the devices most used by students and teachers (complete list of devices/platforms linked on This tool will allow a teacher to create a class notebook, which incorporates three types of sub-notebooks:

  • Student Notebooks – every student plus the teacher opens the same "class" notebook. Only difference is that no student can see any other student's sub-notebook, whereas the teacher can see all student sub-notebooks.
  • Content Library – a notebook for teachers to share course materials with students.
  • Collaboration Space – a notebook for all students and the teacher in the class to share, organize, and collaborate.

OneNote classroom menu screenshot

What you'll need to get started:

  • SharePoint Online is set up for your school as part of an Office 365 subscription.
  • The OneNote Class Notebook Creator app has been added to your SharePoint sites by someone in your school with Tenant Administrator permissions.
  • Organizational account for yourself (the teacher) with Full Control permissions to use the OneNote Class Notebook Creator app to create the class notebooks.
  • Organizational account for each student with permissions to access the SharePoint site where the OneNote notebooks are saved.
  • Internet Explorer 10 or IE 11 to use OneNote Class Notebook Creator app. Other browsers should also work.

This is just an introduction or awareness for all educators, the next blog posting will contain complete instructions on getting started with your OneNote Class Notebook and tips to get you up and running including adding students, content and best practice suggestions. Be on the lookout for this fantastic new tool for you and more importantly, your students. Get a message to your Office 365 administrator that you really need them to add this functionality!

To see OneNote Classroom Notebook Creator in action, watch Sonja Delafosse, a Microsoft Expert Educator and Master Trainer, demonstrate this tool in this new video:

Educators, we asked and Microsoft listened!

More information:

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