Your Students' Mission, Should You Accept It: The Global Enterprise Challenge

Imagine 1,000 students across 20 schools in 20 countries connecting to run 10 international companies, each with 10 regional offices and teams – all using Office 365. This is the Global Enterprise Challenge – the brainchild of UK's Broadclyst Community Primary School (a Microsoft Mentor School), and the winning project at this year's Microsoft Global Forum Innovative Schools Pitch Competition .

WE WANT YOUR STUDENTS in the Global Enterprise Challenge!

Registration is open NOW, and runs through September. The Challenge begins in October 2014, and runs through February 2015. Student teams ages 10-11 (exceptions for ages nine and 12 can be requested) are eligible and will receive all the information and tools they need to complete the challenge successfully. This is a unique opportunity to expand your students' skills, experiences and horizons on a global scale.

Here's how it works:

  • The student teams will develop, produce and market 10 products, and then pitch those products, competing with each other to become the most successful global company.

  • Each week, The Project Coordinator will post the Global "Profit and Loss" account for each International Company to the Leader Board.

  • The most profitable international company will be determined through rankings based on their accounts.

  • The winning team will be chosen by judges among the teams that make up the most profitable international company.

  • For more details, visit the Global Enterprise Challenge website.

The winning student team will be flown to Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, where Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education, will present their award. There, they'll also get a chance to see a real global enterprise in action. Watch Anthony's video about the challenge!

While Broadclyst has been running this project for several years, the school's vision – driven by Headteacher Jonathan Bishop (intererviewed after the competition) – was destined for a bigger audience. They won the pitch competition by offering a way to promote social interaction and collaboration within teams and across countries – all using Microsoft's anywhere, anytime tools.

According to Jonathon, "The Global Enterprise Challenge provides an amazing opportunity for children from around the world to work together to run an International Company. I am so excited to see it begin as the schools involved will meet and collaborate with other children from many other cultures and backgrounds and will have a unique experience which will develop their entrepreneurial skills and understanding of world economics. Using the powerful tools of Office365 the children will share their ideas to establish a company that will pitch for start-up funding to turn their ideas into a reality. The challenge will be to use the investment wisely to manufacture and market a product that delivers the most profit. We are hoping to recruit 20 schools from across 20 countries with over 1000 children all competing to be the most successful team. There are already schools from Brazil, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Jamaica, US, the Netherlands… why not sign up now!"

Microsoft Global Enterprise Challenge from Broadclyst Primary School on Vimeo.

The Global Enterprise Challenge is a perfect way to incorporate project-based learning into your classroom, encouraging real-life 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking through the use of technology. The challenge will connect schools and children from around the world into one global education project, helping students increase their awareness of cultural diversity and gain an understanding of world markets and currencies, as well as honing their entrepreneurial skills and economic mindfulness.

So don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience for your students. Register your school for the Global Enterprise Challenge today!

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