The Things Teachers Do For Their Students

The month of May on the Microsoft Educator Network focuses on appreciating the teachers in our global community. We recognize their incredible contributions, and innovations in classrooms all over the world in the face of challenges and barriers that they overcome daily.

Andy Li, who teachers at Salesian School in Hong Kong, introduced the "cloud" at the school allowing the use of virtual technology to build up virtual PC for each students and teachers. Why is this so important? Salesian School a church school in Hong Kong that serves students from lower-income families. The school is using computers that are at least  years old. With Li's project, students are learning to use technology as a means to acquire knowledge and thus promoting lifelong learning skills.

Kurt Soser is absolutely passionate about teaching and his school (HAK Steyr), which has 300 computers in 10 computer labs, all of which use Office 365 and the cloud. Students here work on projects daily and use the tools they are will use in their future business lives. But it is not just the ICT environment that makes HAK Steyr unique, it is also the project's integration of professionals including lawyers, farmers, and financial consultants that are bringing real workforce experiences, skills, and knowledge into the classroom.

The teachers at the Radom Technical School love to innovate. They are constantly organizing events and activities that are new and interesting for the teachers and students enhancing the process of knowledge and skill and ability acquisition. Artur Rudnicki, assistant principal tells us about the Renewable Sources of Energy Conference, a flagship event in which university professors and specialists from the renewable energy field are speakers at Radom.

In the Freixo School cluster, Luis Fernandes and his teachers are committed to innovation and band together as a team to fundraise and partner with private foundations and companies in Portugal. Their tireless efforts have raised $55,000 for their projects, allowing them to bring the latest technology, such as the cloud, Windows 8 tablets and 3-D printers to their students. Students use apps in their music, physical education and science classes every day.

In the hill country of Sri Lanka, Champa Rathnayake teaches computer literacy to her students using project based learning methods to promote higher engagement and participation. Champa is on a mission to guide the so called "weaker" students to be successful in ICT and at the same time get more girls involved in ICT related learning especially since girls tend to give up ICT after grade 9.

As we read about these teachers and school leaders, it strikes me these are the caretakers of our future, our children! For them, this is not just a job, clearly this is a calling. Let take a moment to give them the respect and recognition that they so deserve.

These are just a few incredible stories, we have so many more on the Hot Topics Blog, join our community and the conversation!

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