College & Career Readiness: A Microsoft IT Academy Live Virtual Event, February 13

The pace of change in the job market, evolving technology, and demand for skilled workforce has placed a certain burden on educators around the world to provide current curriculum for successful and job-ready students. Keeping up with the job market, however, is no easy feat.

That’s why Microsoft created the Microsoft IT Academy program. Any institution focused on learning—K-12 school, college, technical school…even statewide library systems—can integrate the comprehensive, affordable program. Not only does IT Academy deliver critical technical training and certification to students and career changers; the program also focuses on professional development for educators, helping to ensure impactful, relevant education that drives student’s technical knowledge and skills. It’s a win-win for everyone: students, educators, and industries struggling to hire qualified business and technical career seekers. 

Around the world, more than 15,000 schools have integrated the Microsoft IT Academy program into their classrooms, giving educators and students the opportunity for skills development and certifications that validate those skills. School by school, region by region, IT Academies are helping to bridge the gap between skilled students and employers’ needs.  

On February 13 (and again on February 18), Microsoft IT Academy will host the College and Career Readiness virtual event for any educator preparing students for success. We encourage our readers to register for the free event and tune in right from your desk.

During the two-hour event, the IT Academy team will be joined by educators and experts for six topical discussion sessions. They’ll showcase how educators can adopt and effectively guide college and career-minded students.  Topics include curriculum and training, the value of student certifications, and job preparation techniques for graduating students. It’s a great opportunity to hear first-hand stories from educators solving the skills gap with tools available to any educator through Microsoft IT Academy.

The College & Career Readiness event site details the special sessions, guest bios, and event times. Register for the February 13 event today.

Watch this video to learn how IT Academy is closing the skills gap.

Full Schedule of Events

Join us for a special two-hour virtual College & Career Readiness Event

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Thursday, February 13 | 8:00 – 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time | Add this event to your calendar
February 18th from 12:00-14:00 Asia/Singapore/ 15:00-17:00 PM Sydney | Add this event to your calendar

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Who should attend: If you are in education, this event is for you! Administrators, educators, instructors, teachers, faculty, career counselors, curriculum planners are encouraged to attend.

Format: Live, interactive virtual broadcast with engaging chat and Q&A opportunities for attendees and industry experts

About the Event

Join Microsoft IT Academy program for an informative, free, two-hour virtual event showcasing the latest best practices technology educators can adopt to effectively guide college and career-minded students, and foster a new generation of innovators in the IT and developer technology fields.
This virtual event will consist of six mini-sessions hosted by industry experts and drilling down into the topics that matter most to you.


8:00 – 8:10 A.M.: The Global Skills Gap and Job Market Landscape
An overview of the technology skills development landscape and roadmap for guiding students to success.

8:10 – 8:28 A.M.: Extending Today’s Technology Curriculum in the Classroom and Online
Explore the value and best practices for adopting technology curriculum and certification in the classroom and online learning platforms, including Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associate, and Microsoft Certified Professional certification tracks.
Entry-level Technology for Your College- and Career-Minded Students (two sessions)

8:28 – 8:46 A.M.: Technology for Everyone:  Validating your students’ success in Microsoft Office
The right mix of tools, training, and certification is essential to inspire entry-level students to set a course for a future career using the latest business technologies. We’ll review the best practices for getting students started on a productive path, including the value of Microsoft Office training and certification options.

8:46 – 9:04 A.M.: Entry-level technology for your college and career-minded students
Aspiring technologists thrive when immersed in the IT and developer technologies they’ll work with every day in future roles. Learn about Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) training and certification, and how it helps students get hands-on with the latest technologies.

9:04 – 9:22 A.M.: Technology Endorsements that Get Recognized
Helping students develop solid technology skills is just part of the learning equation. Validation is a critical, ongoing need to ensure students stay motivated, focused, and empowered. Learn from IT Academy educators and learning experts on ways to endorse and validate students’ skills.

9:22 – 9:40 A.M.: The Last Mile: Résumé Building and Interview Techniques
Standing out in a crowded job marketplace requires sharp self-promotion skills. Join a panel of hiring experts on the very latest hiring trends and best practices for successfully landing entry-level technology roles. We’ll discuss tips for creating résumés that can’t be ignored, and interview preparation tips that you can share with graduating students.

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