It’s amazing to think that we are five years into our second decade of this century. Ten years ago, tablet PCs were just beginning to ship in volume with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Today, tablets are low-cost and plentiful. In a few short months, every edition of Windows XP will reach end of support on April 8, 2014. We will have a proper farewell at that time.

Consider for a moment that it took ten years for the mobile tablet computer idea to become a mainstream consumer experience. As we look towards our new year in 2014, what new ideas will emerge?

What will capture the imagination of people and their wallets?

What will move from novelty to necessity for the modern learning experience?

For me, 2014 is not about new gadgets, apps, and whiz bang devices. (We’ll have plenty of notable things to discuss in that area.)

I’m curious about what new capabilities will enable humanity to take a significant leap forward this year. Will we see seeds of innovation or have a bountiful harvest?

What can we create that will make a meaningful contribution to society?

I’m keen to see if our teachers and students are ready to participate in an unlimited economy.

Yes…I’ve been pondering some deeper questions and provocative answers for MMXIV. In order to make room for all the things on my mind, I had to remix and re-imagine Higher Innovation. I hope you take the time to look around and return often. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. You are going to see my creative mind in real-time this year as we dive into some meaningful conversations.

This is Higher Innovation’s sixth year on the Web! A lot has changed since I began this learning journey. Still, I’m thrilled to continue to provide Higher Innovation ad-free and self-funded for an authentic dialogue about what’s next for learning.

I hope you join me for another memorable year that will change everything.

Happy New Year and I wish you abundance and increase!

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