Launch of the Microsoft Certified Educator

Access to quality professional development is critical to build educator capacity to ensure students are graduating with the skills needed for workplace success. Governments around the world continue to struggle to find scalable, quality professional development that is mapped to an international framework of educator competencies.

This week we are happy to announce, the global availability of the Microsoft Certified Educator exam, a valid and reliable assessment of educator ICT competencies mapped to the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT), Technology Literacy Approach.

After successfully training over 5000 educators in Russia and Ireland during our pilot year, utilizing the Teaching with Technology eLearning Curriculum and with over 3500 educators sitting for MCE certification, the Open Education Institute of Moscow plans to certify 50,000 additional educators over the next three years with interest from other countries around the world growing daily.

We are currently in conversations with governments on every continent who are looking for a reliable mechanism to help their educators build the foundational competencies to impart 21st century skills in their students. The eLearning curriculum, along with a valid and reliable measure like MCE, is a good place to start.

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) provides validation that educators have achieved global educator technology literacy competencies in six content areas which are mapped to the UNESCO ICT-Competency Framework for Teachers, Technology Literacy approach:

• Education Policy
• Curriculum & Assessment
• Pedagogy
• ICT/Technology Tools
• Organization & Administration
• Professional Development

The exam does not assess proficiency in using specific technology tools but whether an educator understands how to apply technology tools in the six different content domains. The single exam required to earn the certification is aimed at in-service and pre-service educators. Microsoft offers a comprehensive eLearning curriculum, Teaching with Technology, to help educators prepare for this rigorous exam.

“MCE is a reliable instrument that provides educators a brilliant opportunity to evaluate their level of ICT competency and effectiveness of ICT usage in teaching and learning. MCE helps institutions in charge of teachers training and retraining programs to evaluate the results and impact of these programs”.
Alexey Semenov, Rector of Moscow Open Education Institute

Education leaders believe accessing these Open Education resources, which are mapped to the Technology Literacy strand of the UNESCO ICT-CFT is one way their teachers can get the training and support needed to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning.
“MCE is a reliable and highly demanded instrument of teachers ICT competency validation that allows institutions in charge of teacher retraining programs evaluate achieved results and optimize their financing,” Svetlana Avdeeva, National Training Foundation

“Microsoft Certified Educator compliments our continuing professional development programme as it is based on the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework and uses scenarios that deal with the integration of ICT and development of 21st century skills in the classroom,”
Miriam O’Donoghue, CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit, Dublin, Ireland

The exam, currently available in English and Russian, will be considered for localization in different languages based on demand and close partnership with governments around the world who are looking for scalable solutions to build educator capacity in their countries.

Campus licenses can be purchased via Microsoft Volume Licensing, through a Microsoft academic reseller, or through Certiport, Microsoft’s authorized exam delivery partner for MCE. And if your school is an IT Academy, you get 10 MCE exams as part of your IT Academy member benefits!

For more information on MCE and all of the Partners in Learning professional development offers, visit If you are a teacher trainer, join the Partners in Learning Training Provider Program to learn how you can utilize this and other content in your important work of building educator capacity around the world.

Lauren Woodman
General Manager
Partners in Learning, Microsoft

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  2. Dianne Krause says:

    How does a person go about taking this exam?  I believe I am qualified as an MIE Master Trainer, and I'd love to get this certification.  So.. where is the exam?  Can I take it online?  If not, how do I take it?

  3. Jim Spradlin, The Certifiers, LLC says:


    Try calling Certiport 888-999-9830 USA. They are the global testing and certifying center for this.  Please mention me, it could help you. If you don't get what you need, email me at and I will try and help you. I am also on the hunt for helping large numbers of teachers get this. Microsoft does a lot of cool stuff for us all. Best wishes.

    "Manage technology. Don't let it manage you."

  4. Anonymous says:

    Today, Microsoft announced a major step forward in our ongoing efforts to equip students worldwide with

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