Configuring PerformancePoint in SharePoint 2013

Last week while assisting a customer configure SharePoint BI I ran into an interesting problem when configuring PerformancePoint. After following all the steps precisely on this page:

Configure PerformancePoint Services:

We opened the dashboard designer. Next we started to create a Data Source to an SSAS Tabular model, but when we expanded the database list it was empty. What? I have done this a million times over, what am I missing? I stopped and paused for a bit and somewhere in the back of my memory I remember installing ADMOMD.NET from the SQL Server SQL Server 2008 R2 Feature Pack. After the installed completed we reset IIS, restarted the dashboard designer, and the database list populated.

Hope this helps someone.

Talk to you soon,

Patrick LeBlanc

Comments (3)

  1. Santiago Lopez says:

    I have the same problem, but, i just did the installation of ADOMD.NET but the problem continues, what else can i review?


  2. Prasath.J says:

    I also have the same problem.In my environment SQL server 2012 is installed. Still I need to execute this msi to work on dashboard designer?

  3. Unfortunately, the TechNet documentation is not up to date. If you look at the ULS logs, it will specify version needed for ADOMD.NET. On all SharePoint 2013 servers, download and install the LATEST (SP3) version of SQL Server 2008 ADOMD.NET (now called ENUx64SQLSERVER2008_ASADOMD10.msi and ENSURE the proper processor (x64)). You should now be able to get the dropdowns of the databases. (This also assumes IF running Win2012R2 or Win8.1 you have the hotfix needed.) You can download the SQL Server 2008 ADOMD.NET (SQLSERVER2008_ASADOMD10.msi) here:

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