Calling All Innovative Educators

Here at Microsoft, we strive to offer great training and experiences for teachers across the world through our Partners in Learning program, like our Partners in Learning Network and the power it brings for teachers across the globe to collaborate.

One of the most exciting programs we have is launching today, the Partners in Learning Expert Educator Program this one-year program recognizes global education visionaries who are paving the way in the effective use of technology and in preparing their students for the 21st century. Expert Educators will receive free technology for their schools, publicity and promotion, insider access to Microsoft strategy and technologies, professional and career development opportunities and certifications including peer coaching, consulting opportunities within the Partners in Learning program and access to invitation-only special events. They will work closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education, advocating and sharing their thoughts on effective use of technology in education with peers and policy makers. They will also provide insight for Microsoft on new products and tools for education as they work together to promote innovation in teaching and learning and they will play the critical role of mentor, helping train others on education technologies and the use of Microsoft products and tools. Most important, these Expert Educators will have the opportunity to share their expertise with world-renowned educators and specialists so that they can scale their innovations, making a real difference for students around the globe.

In addition:

Expert Educators will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Partners in Learning Global Forum. (terms and conditions apply) The Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum celebrates the world’s most innovative educators who are bringing technology to life in the classroom and positively impacting their students. Last year, the three day event took place in Prague, Czech Republic and brought 600 of the most innovative teachers from 80 countries to collaborate, create, and share their experiences.

The first Expert Educators were winners at the Partners in Learning Global Forum in Prague last year, and they’re eager for their ranks to grow.

Here’s what Educator’s Choice award winner and Expert Educator Todd La Vogue has to say about the program:

“There are students from 30 countries who speak 26 languages at my middle school. My experience at the Partners in Learning Global Forum in Prague made me better able to meet the needs of the culturally diverse group of students at my school. I normally feel very isolated as an educator, but the Global Forum was a place where I met amazing, like-minded teachers from around the world. I am proud to now include them in my professional learning network and I’m especially excited to work with the new Expert Educators as we tackle some of the biggest challenges in education and gather at the next Partners in Learning Global Forum.”

Whether you would like to become an Expert Educator, or you know someone in your school or community who fits the description, it’s simple to apply for the program. Applications will be accepted starting today through July, 2013. Just go to   to apply  – or share this news with an amazing educator you know – giving them an opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to the next Global Forum and connect with peers around the world. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

– Anthony Salcito

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    What an opportunity this will be to share best practices with the world's education experts in the area of ICT and education in general

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