Successful BI for Educational Institutions

Do you work for US Education? Are you interested in Learning about Microsoft BI? If so, please join me as I discuss and demonstrate how the MS BI Suite can be used in your environment to discover and uncover hidden GEMS within your existing data structures.

Everyone likes a pretty picture, but the key to successful BI projects is the culture change required to adopt a data-driven process.  Culture means everyone, and getting people to “do BI” has proven less successful than putting BI into what they already do. 


This session will focus on the familiar tools that can be used to deploy secure, trusted, personalized data to users across your institution, tools that most already own.  Featuring many customer examples and lessons learned.


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Thank you and we look forward to having you at this upcoming webcast!

Talk to you soon Patrick LeBlanc

US Education SQL Server and BI Technical Specialist

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  1. Zaid says:

    Hi to all.I live in South Africa I love computers and learning about them,I used to go online and learn new things and try to make it work for me,because it is my dream to program one day in the future for Microsoft.I ask you helpful people to please help me.My dream is dying because my laptop is old and does not work,I need to fix it.but it is to expensive and I can't afford it,I would any way be better of buying a new one.But like I said I can't afford it,I tried to save up,but can't because times are tough where I live,I even went as far as cleaning gardens to help me raise money.So please help me,and promise you will get something, have the talent it unfortunately I can't utilities it,and there is no IT offered at my school.It is school holidays so I have time to work on it.please help me.

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