New wave of Windows 8 PCs Help Drive Digital Learning

Guest post by Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide OEM




Today, I had the chance to speak at Microsoft’s annual Global Education Partner Summit (GEPS) on our Redmond campus where we discussed how technology is helping drive the transformation of education. The new wave of Window 8 devices coming to market from our OEM partners demonstrates how these innovations can increase efficiency for schools, facilitate a more accessible learning approach in the classroom and further enhance the learning opportunities for students. Here’s a look at some of latest devices we showcased at the event.

In Photos: Incredible Devices for Students and Classrooms

The first wave of Windows 8 tablet PCs has hit the market. Built for productivity and presentation, they are also a fun way to get kids interested in reading. HP’s new ElitePad 900 recently became available and is outfitted with the latest HP BIOS Protection and Microsoft Defender security features. It is encased in aluminum and Gorilla Glass so it can withstand a couple of bumps and bruises from young students.


 Providing accessibility to all learners, the new Dell Latitude 10 essentials, helps students and teachers connect, consume and produce content. The full-size USB port supports the many peripheral assistive technology devices needed for students with special needs.  Available with a productivity dock, the tablet also provides a full desktop mode with a more traditional keyboard and mouse for more robust content creation activities.

The Acer ICONIA W510 is another great choice for students on the go: a docking tablet that can also swivel 295 degrees. Use it as a tablet or dock it in the keyboard and use it as a PC with a battery life up to 18 hours!

Of course, there’s a lot to be said for the standard laptop frame, especially with new designs that incorporate bright, sharp touch display. At CES, Samsung announced an enhanced Series 7 Ultra. This PC is all about performance and superior mobility, with the design and innovation you’d expect from Samsung. It has a 13.3” screen so it’s easy for students to work on multiple documents at once.

Another amazing touch-enabled laptop for students and schools is the ASUS VivoBook x202 which features not only a beautiful 11-inch touch screen and a very attractive price point, but also an array of current and legacy ports (such as an Ethernet cable) to ensure compatibility with the sometimes outdated architecture found in today’s schools.

Classrooms will be able to take full advantage of Windows 8 interface with the Acer Aspire S7’s fully touch-capable screen. Imagine the immersive Dolby Home Theater, a lightning-fast platform and up to 12 hours of nonstop battery life for upcoming presentations or studying on campus.

Long gone are the days of the large towers taking up space in computer labs. Check out the Lenovo ThinkCentre M92/p Tiny desktop system. At seven inches high and just under an inch and a half wide (about as thick as a golf ball), the Tiny can be deployed just about anywhere.

Pair the Lenovo Tiny desktop system with a large, touch-sensitive LG display and you might just be looking at a key element in the new digital classroom.

Another very sleek design is Sony’s VAIO Tap 20 all-in-one featuring a large touch-screen monitor. The Tap 20’s monitor houses the PC innards as well, making it essentially a large tablet that includes a battery; a design we’re seeing a lot more of with this latest wave of touch technology transforming the way manufacturers look at PC designs and the interactive experiences they can provide in the classroom. 

These are just a few of the new Windows 8 PCs now available in the market.  Our OEMs continue to drive amazing innovation and offer a breadth of choice to students, schools and businesses of every type.  To learn more about selecting the right PC for your student or classroom, read Anthony Salcito’s blog here.

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