Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers to Have Greater Impact in the Classroom

Posted by Dr. Jim Ptaszynski, Senior Director of Worldwide Education, Microsoft

Microsoft continues to be passionate about education and driving toward anywhere, anytime learning for all. We believe firmly that teachers are key to fulfilling that vision and we also feel strongly that technology plays a role, as long as teachers are comfortable using technology in the classroom. To further support educators use of technology, we announced today that Microsoft Partners in Learning is launching a new initiative for Higher Education – the Teacher Education Initiative or, TEI.  TEI is designed to help School of Education faculty members utilize technology in their teaching of pre-service teachers resulting in, those teachers themselves appropriately utilizing technology with their own students when they graduate. 

We’ve worked closely with some of the most respected faculty members around the world to develop modules in math, science, social studies and English and Language Arts.  TEI goes beyond traditional “techno-centric” workshops.  Instead, it uses technology as an enabler to fuse technology, pedagogy and content knowledge. While focused on faculty members, TEI can also be used in teacher professional development. This has really been a cooperative effort with some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of education. What we have produced is a program developed by faculty members for faculty members.

Through the guidance of a higher education advisory board representing university leaders spanning the country, the teams collaborated with third party associations to produce a compelling set of learning materials for School of Education faculty.

“The Teacher Education Initiative (TEI) is designed to ensure that future teachers are prepared to use technology effectively. The teacher educator associations collaborating with Microsoft on this effort have the common goal of preparing teachers to affect learning outcomes by aligning technology, pedagogy, and educational content.” — Glen Bull, Professor and Co-Director, Center for Technology and Teacher Education Chair, Teacher Education Initiative (TEI) Board of Advisors

The initiative workshop launches today in Washington D.C. and has attracted attendees from across the country. For some time now, Microsoft has wanted to increase its participation and support of faculty and staff in higher education and TEI is the first step. More information can be found at\pilhighered

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