Windows Inspir8ion

A generation ago, I became a Microsoft fan with a revolutionary project codenamed: “Chicago.” That inspiration spawn a series of events that led me here. Who’s next? Related Stores: Windows 8 Release Preview in Pictures The Next-Generation of Windows is Here!! Which Edition of Windows 7 Do You Need?

Microsoft to work with HP to roll out Windows devices to all Idaho teachers and high school students

Congratulations to our hardware partner, HP, who was just announced by the State of Idaho as its mobile computing devices contractor to supply HP Probook Notebooks to all K-12 teachers and high school students in the state! Microsoft is proud to partner with HP to bring universal access to digital learning and the required technology…


Top U.S. Universities trust Office 365 to place sensitive HIPAA data in the cloud

Can you keep a secret? How about your cloud services provider? It is a simple couple of questions. However, it takes thoughtful planning and the customer’s perspective to deliver enterprise-class, trustworthy solutions for the cloud. In education, protecting privacy cannot be an afterthought. Schools and universities do not want to trade the economy of the…


Office 365 today or wait for the next version

As you may have seen our Office Team is targeting simultaneous releases of the Office 365 service, Office 2013 clients, SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, Project 2013, and Visio 2013.  More information on these exciting releases can be found here: The New Exchange Reaches RTM! Lync 2013 reaches RTM! SharePoint reaches RTM!…

Stanford University Leads The Way With Modern Apps

No surprise! Stanford University, an innovation pacesetter in Higher Education, is first to launch a modern app for Windows 8. Related Stores: Computer Science Students, Get Ready for the Windows Store Windows 8 Release Preview in Pictures Developer Jobs for America with Windows 8

Guest post: The 21st century science project

As we prepare for the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum (#PiLGF) in Prague, Czech Republic, I will be featuring guest posts from “Team USA” (the 16 teachers who will be representing the U.S. at this amazing professional learning experience). Today’s post is from educator Jamie Ewing and his student’s with their eLabs: Science in…


Being Productive Is Not What It Used To Be

Today, modern classrooms use a variety of technologies to make teaching and learning a productive experience for educators and learners. As schools at all levels grapple with BYOD+ and privacy/security compliance, it is important to evolve our thinking on communications in the Modern Office. Consider the infographic here and share it with […] Related Stores:…

Your Modern Office Is Ready

Microsoft Office 2013 reached a key development milestone and has been signed off for Release to Manufacturing (RTM). No related posts.

Getting started with your upgrade from Live@edu to Office 365 for education

Are you planning and preparing for your upgrade to Office 365 from Live@edu?   You may already have been notified that your institution can begin the upgrade. If you haven’t received a notice yet but would like to proceed, contact Live@edu Support to request the upgrade today.    Where can you find out more information about the upgrade?…