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I’ve been experimenting with Construct 2 from Scirra the last few days. Construct 2 is a program from creating HTML 5 games. What really got my interest was that there is the ability to create Windows 8 games using Construct 2 with Visual Studio 12.  The Construct 2 development environment is pretty easy to use and I find that some similarities to Visual Studio (among other tools) is helpful in finding ones way around it. The image below shows the layout of graphical objects on the screen as well as the properties box, list of images and outline of the project. Very similar to what I am used to.


The coding involves what is called an event sheet. On an event sheet specific events (for example a mouse click) are specified and one or more actions are described to be the result of that event.


I really like that for a single event you can easily specify different actions for different objects in the game. And of course by the nature of the IDE syntax errors are avoided which is a plus for beginners.

Programs/games are created in the Construct 2 IDE and tested in a web browser. Once a game is completed it can be exported into several formats including the experimental Windows 8 app.


My next step is to outline the things you’ll want to include in a game that you make with Construct 2 in order to make it fit the guidelines for inclusion in the Windows Marketplace. But in the mean time Construct 2 looks like an interesting tool for starting with game development as a way to hook studnets on to software development. Anyone else using it? What do you think of it?

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