A Day in the Life of a Student

(Cross post from the Why Microsoft blog and authored by Tony Tai.)

Whether you are a school’s IT leader, an educator, a parent, or someone who values learning, you know students and care about their success. Successful students are excited about learning, are well-organized and make good use of their time.

With Office 365 for education, this secondary school student works anywhere. He prints an assignment at home without worrying about formatting issues, and reviews a presentation without Web access on his way to school. At school he jumps right into learning, taking notes in all of his classes and organizing them in a digital notebook. He welcomes group projects, because the entire group is excited in using the latest tools, sharing information from their Office 365 desktops, brainstorming with an online whiteboard, and keeping a strong pace in video call discussions.

Working with Google Apps is frustrating and limiting. The student can’t review his latest work without Web access. Working with Google Apps, he captures notes in separate documents and cannot tag or search among them to find critical facts he needs for his term paper. He doesn’t have today’s capabilities to work seamlessly in group projects with online whiteboards and video calling.

Learn which tools you would want your favorite, hard-working student to use. See what this student’s experience is like using Office 365 versus using Google Apps.

Download the infographic.

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  1. Annoyed reader says:

    This is total crap – Google can do these thing and a lot better than Microsoft. Looking at 365 is like looking back to the days of DOS. Time to move on Microsoft. Stop attacking a system that is soooo much better and think about improving all your weaknesses!

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