Have You Joined Microsoft Partners in Learning?

This is one of those announcements that hits my inbox that is for all teachers in K-12. Partners in Learning is a community of educators of all subjects and age groups. Something here for everyone.


Microsoft Partners in Learning would like to invite you to join the new ‘Partners in Learning Network’ – a worldwide community of educators and schools www.pil-network.com. Embraced by the theme ‘Your Ideas Matter’ the PiL Network is a community for you, by you, and further amplifies the great work that is being done every day by teachers and schools around the world.  With this idea in mind, we invite you to try out this global online resource and community designed to encourage collaboration and the spread of ideas for the betterment of education worldwide.

The new Partners in Learning Network is the next generation of the global network serving educators and school leaders in over 115 countries.  To facilitate a truly global community of innovative educators, the site is now available in 36 different languages, thanks to the use of Microsoft Translator Services. The evolvement of the Partners in Learning Network has advanced by including many more new features appealing to educators and schools leaders, including:

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Listen to what some of our members had to say about their experience with the new Partners in Learning Network:

The Partners in Learning Network offer teachers an online community filled with product downloads, tutorials, activities and discussions. What I am excited about is the opportunity to share with teachers some ideas and resources that ALL our students could use effectively and easily in and out of the classroom.” 

“This is not just a networking site, it is a treasure chest of resources, lesson plans, and invaluable learning content from the world’s best.”

“As a professional development opportunity the Partners in Learning network is unparalleled. The more teachers and schools that we can get involved the more innovation and corresponding results will follow.”

To sign up now, visit http://www.pil-network.com.

  • Create a dynamic personal and professional profile including your blogs, Facebook page, and Twitter handle
  • Access over thirty free tools, product tutorials, and videos of using technology in the classroom
  • Amplify your work by uploading learning activities, videos to a gallery, lesson plan documents
  • Participate in Community Discussions with other educators
  • Provide feedback to the Network team at Contact-PILN@microsoft.com

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