CS AP Principles–UW Bothell

A number of universities around the US are piloting courses to fit the proposed Advanced Placement CS Principles course. At the University of Washington Bothell Professor Kelvin Sung had the idea to create an CS principles course for AP high school that introduce non-programmers to programming via game design.  The video below shows off some of the results. There is more information at the course web site at http://depts.washington.edu/bcusp110/ The view of some of the final projects is pretty cool. This is designed as a concepts course and not as a programming course. The students were not CS majors and they did not have a programming background.

This is the story of the first offering of CS AP Principles Course at the University of Washington Bothell, offered as Discovery Core I: Animation, Video Games, and the Social Web.

Development of this course was funded by Microsoft Research. Game technology included C# and XNA Game Studio.

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