Interesting Links 21 November 2011

This week will be a short one with the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US later this week. I’m not sure how much I will be posting this week or how many links I will be collecting. Last week was a regular week though and I have a selection of links to share with you.

Cheryl Arnett (@c_arnett) blogs about her experiences using the Kinect sensor in her classroom at Why Kinect? In other Kinect news, read about Developing a Kinect game that mimics how seismologists deploy seismic instruments following a large earthquake.

Microsoft announces new Challenges for Imagine Cup 2012: Put on your thinking cap, assemble your team and sign up! The spring round is coming fast.

Wondering where to start wit Windows Phone applications? A couple of my co-workers have assembled collections of links and resources with all you need to get started.

Andrew Ko (@andrewko888 ) recorded a number of interviews with teachers who represented the US at the recent Partners in Learning Global forum. He asked them what one thing they were bringing back home.

Louis Zulli Jr (@lzulli) who was one of those teachers just started blogging. Drop by and encourage him to continue.

Microsoft Live@edu tops 22M users and is the mostly widely used cloud solution in schools world-wide! Did you know that? You might have thought is was someone else but Microsoft has the most widely adopted solution in education.

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