Useful PowerShell Command Builder tool to help you design PowerShell scripts for your Office 365 tenant


If you are new to PowerShell or the Office 365 specific tenant cmdlets in PowerShell, here is a nice tool called the PowerShell Command Builder. It allows you to visually build your Office 365 tenant PowerShell scripts.  It doesn’t have Exchange Online PowerShell but is a great start to learning tenant scripts.


Pick “Office 365” from the Products list to show you all the Office 365 tenant “verbs” and “nouns”


To build a script, just drag your “Verb” and drag a “Noun” over to the design surface and it will autogenerate a PowerShell script for you which you can quickly copy.



It even allows you to put in your actual domains to leverage in your script.


Visit the PowerShell Command Builder tool here.

To learn more on how to actually use these scripts with Office 365 via remote PowerShell visit my other post here.

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