Update: American Teacher premiere at NBC Education Nation

Yesterday’s premiere of American Teacher was fantastic!  The teachers in the audience were thrilled – as one educator told me, she felt the film gave teachers a “voice” that had all too often been missing.  Another told me that she was thrilled to see the “real life” of teachers from so many different parts of the country portrayed.  And as one Twitter user noted, “[I] just watched premiere of #AmericanTeacher and hope everyone who cares about education sees it!”

At Partners in Learning, we think everyone should have a chance to see this film, too, and today, you can sign up to host your own screening of American Teacher at www.partnersinlearning.com/americanteacher.

I also had the opportunity to talk with some of the amazing educators highlighted in the film.  Rhena, Amanda, Jamie, Greg, Jonathan, Gretchen, Marguerite and Erik are some of the most passionate advocates for education – and for the profession of teaching – I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  In the coming days, I’ll share those videos on our Facebook page, but there was one thing that they all said: that they wanted everyone to see the film, hear their stories, and be involved in education in their local communities.

Hosting a screening can help catalyze a discussion about what it takes to make sure that every child has access to a great teacher and the benefits of an excellent education.  We’ve provided the resources to have a successful screening – the American Teacher DVD, a facilitator and discussion guide, and publicity materials – so that you can start this conversation in your community.   Learn how at www.partnersinlearning.com/americanteacher.

Lauren Woodman
General Manager, Worldwide Partners in Learning

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