Supporting America’s Teachers

I’m thrilled to announce today that Microsoft Partners in Learning is teaming up with a soon-to-be-released film, American Teacher, as part of our ongoing efforts to support the teaching profession and encourage broad dialogue about the importance of having great teachers in our nation’s classrooms.

American Teacher tells the collective story by and about those closest to the issues in our educational system—the 3.2 million teachers who spend every day in classrooms across the country. The feature-length documentary brings together educational experts, student interviews, and a year of documenting the day-to-day lives and sacrifices of public school teachers.  American Teacher raises important questions about how we value our strongest, most committed, and most effective teachers, and the ripple effect this has on how our children learn and their potential for future success.

Through our role as the exclusive Community Screening Partner for American Teacher, Microsoft Partners in Learning will provide the resources necessary for any educator, school administrator, concerned parent, community leader or non-profit organization to host a screening.   

Today, the film is slated for limited theatrical release in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  More cities may follow, but for the majority of American communities, the only way to view the film is through a local community screening.  These screenings are an excellent way for communities to see the film, have a discussion about the importance of teaching in their schools and consider how to get involved in improving our education system.

For Microsoft Partners in Learning, underscoring the importance of the teaching profession is core to our mission.  Since 2003, we’ve invested millions to provide professional development and community support to educators worldwide, and we continue to invest in relevant, timely resources to help teachers enhance their skills, support one another, and engage students effectively.  A movie like American Teacher helps facilitate essential dialogue on the importance of the profession and highlights the dedication of teachers.

I hope that every educator, community leader, parent, and citizen will consider hosting or attending a community screening.  More information on how to host a screening will be available here on Monday, September 26.

Lauren Woodman
General Manager, Worldwide Partners in Learning

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