Interesting Links 11 July 2011

If you followed my Twitter or read my blog over the weekend you may be tired of hearing about the Imagine Cup. You may also think I am over sharing on FourSquare (whose co-founder spoke at the Imagine Cup opening ceremonies BTW. You might be right about the FourSquare thing and I am working on it.  But while I have spent a lot of time over the weekend with the Imagine Cup I was also in South Dakota last week. Did you read about the Gear Up Program? And of course today starts the CSTA Computer Science and Information Technology conference at Columbia University. So the focus this week will be more on CS & IT. We will be joining the closing of the Imagine Cup on Wednesday which I am very excited about. Even with all the travel I do have a few links to share.

From @TeachTec: Checkout our new web look for the Microsoft Teacher’s site! The team wants to hear what you think of it so hit them up on Twitter at @TeachTec or leave a comment here and I will make sure they get it.

I saw this list of Software Engineering Proverbs on Twitter and thought was pretty interesting. A lot of the quotes were not originally said about or for software engineering but that doesn’t mean they don’t relate.

My friend Cy Khormaee was on CNN with Steve Ballmer last week. Cy is a member of one of the Imagine Cup finalist teams this year. They made it to the final six and we’ll find out later in the week how far they made it.

For all you Kinect developers there is a new Kinect gestures library available that looks like it will help people out with a lot of development projects. I continue to get more and more enthusiastic about Kinect. I just have trouble getting my user interface out of the “use your body as a mouse or keyboard” box. I really hope some smart young people can get more creative than that!

While I was in Philadelphia for ISTE the rest of my team went to Bordeaux France for the Foundations of Digital Games conference. In his blog Lee Stott @lee_stott writes about the conference so if you want to see what I missed it makes a good read. Though honestly, I knew what the trade offs were and was very happy to go to ISTE.


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