Happy Teacher Appreciation Month: Thank You Teachers

While giving thanks to teachers should hardly be limited to a specific time of year, this month in the U.S. people everywhere are dedicated to honoring the teachers that gave us so much. At Microsoft, we’re giving thanks to teachers by sharing stories of those educators that had the biggest significance in our life. We’ve captured these moments on video, which you can view on the #ThanksTeach page for Partners in Learning on Facebook. In this video, members of the Microsoft Bing and MSN team are among some of the many people recognizing their favorite teacher.

Is there a teacher that made a difference in your life?    I have 2 uncles named Tom who were both excellent school teachers and I was able to benefit from their patient teaching style, love of books and wise insight.    One of them got me to read “Where the Red Fern Grows” when I was little which really opened my world to loving books.   When in college I met someone who had been in my other uncle’s class and said she wanted to become a math teacher because of his influence.   Teachers really do make a difference. 

ThanksTeach Bing Pic

We encourage you to post a comment about your favorite teacher on the Partners in Learning Facebook page and tweet your story using the #ThanksTeach hashtag. All of the tweets and comments will live on the page though out May (Teacher Appreciation Month), so you can check back and see the significant role teachers have played to so many people in many different ways.   

– Barb Blanchard, Bing Educatoin

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