Free Training for Office 2010

Within every application, the Get Started resources can be found by looking at Backstage View (File|Help|Get Started).

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Interactive Guides for Word, Excel, & PowerPoint 2010 tool is hosted online or loaded into Office directly and lets you click on the way you used to do things in 2003 and then shows you where it went in 2010.  There’s also a version for 2007 located here

Here’s a version of the Interactive Guides listed above in an Excel format which is useful for help desk people, because each spreadsheet is broken down by product. 

Online training walkthroughs for 2010 features courses to help users make the switch to Office 2010.

Ribbon Hero from OfficeLabs is an interactive game which is loaded into Office and  teaches people how to use the new features as a social game.

Productivity Hub 2010 is a SharePoint site focused on training with many resources, videos and social tools incorporated that train users on Windows, IE and Office.  It contains the ability to vote, discuss, ask questions and even take tests.  You can also see a read-only live version of Productivity Hub at this site. 

User Readiness Resources are large format posters and flyers that you can download and print to help spread the word about what’s coming. 

BrainStorm provides the slick fold out materials. 

The “Getting Started Guides” are series of Word documents that can be distributed to end users for each product in the Office Suite. 

Microsoft also offers podcasts on many Office and Windows training topics.

Work Smart Guides developed by Microsoft and shared via Showcase.

Windows content for download customizable posters, tips/tricks guides, etc.

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