Recorded MSFT Sessions from LABMAN Conference

Earlier this month, Michael Greene and I (Kevin Sullivan) attended and presented at the Lab Management Conference which was held this year at Minnesota State University.  We conducted two sessions at this conference.  In the first session, Michael and I discussed the current state of MSFT virtualization technologies in general. In the second session, we focused on the immediate roadmap of things to come – again, focused on virtual technologies.  Clicking on the below will take you to our recorded sessions – the ‘bad’ news is that these will require the QuickTime plug-in as they are in QT format but if you are interested in things like W08 Terminsal Services, Hyper-V, SoftGrid (now MAV), System Center, and this new thing we are calling MEDV (formerly Kidaro), especially in terms of how it can all come together to better manage EDU lab environments and service delivery to students in general, it may be worth a look! 

Each session is about 60 minutes long.  I know that in a previous post I had hinted that I would talk specifically about Kidaro and show what I could – I did this during Session II – start about 50% of the way into Session II to skip directly to MEDV/Kidaro stuff!



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