Is this thing on?? – A word from the EDU MGMT Ninja

OK – so my real name is not ‘EDU MGMT NINJA’ – it’s Kevin Sullivan.  I always wanted to be called a ninja of something…

Hello all – so hopefully I will type fast enough to be official post #2 on our new blog! 

Some of you may know me from my ‘MGMT in EDU’ blog found here (yes, I know I have 10’s of fans out there).  Fear not – I will continue on with this blog as well as add contributions to this one and of course link back and forth between them so you won’t miss a beat of what is sure to be riveting information concerning the use of Microsoft Management products within US EDU! 

Speaking of pertinent ‘MGMT in EDU’ information, my counterpart Michael Greene and I plan to attend and present the upcoming LABMAN conference June 2 – 4.  You can read our session detail and bios here.  If you can attend, come on up and say hi – we also plan to have a booth presence.  We are also thinking of recording our sessions – if this works out, watch this space for the link to our presentations if you cannot attend.  I will say that I am working very hard to get the OK to demonstrate a certain technology during ‘Session II’ that is brand new and I think will really change the way we look at desktop and application deployment and management.  I will give you a hint:  its former name starts with a ‘K’ and ends with an ‘O’…

Finally, along the right are some Zune cards – mine is kev1244 – I hope my musical tastes does not scare anyone!

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