Are you receiving an error when trying to run: Test-EdgeSynchronization ?

If you have an Edge Role in your Exchange 2010 environment you can diagnose whether the subscribed Edge Transport servers have a current and accurate synchronization status by using the Test-EdgeSynchronization cmdlet.


You may receive an error when trying to run this command of: This command can only be run on Hub Transport servers.

The solution to this error is to connect your EMS to a Hub Role - which may be easier said than done.

Even if you log on locally to your Hub role and open Exchange 2010 EMS, you may have a good chance of connecting to a CAS role.

  1. Look at the top left of your EMS window. It should say: Machine: <Exchange Server you are connected to>. Make sure this is a Hub Role.
  2. If not, you have to run the command: Connect-ExchangeServer -ServerFqdn <Hub Transport Server> -AllowClobber
    1. Remember to put the -AllowClobber parameter. Otherwise, it will not work (though will appear to be connected to the Hub Role)
      The Connect-ExchangeServer function does not change the target Exchange server in Exchange Server 2010


BELOW: Even though I was logged on locally to my Hub Role, the EMS was connected to my CAS Role. The command did not work. If I did not include the -AllowClobber, the command still did not work.



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