Windows 8.1 Preview

Very exciting times, Microsoft announced yesterday at the Build Conference that Windows 8 Preview is here and ready!

Please take a few moments to look at the enhanced features in Windows.  Directly from Windows 8.1 product guide:


Introducing Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows RT 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 Preview is the next step forward for a truly modern computing experience with the widest possible range of devices: from the smallest tablets and convertibles to the sleekest and highest-powered notebooks, all delivering the latest advances in screens, battery life, performance, and design. Microsoft and its expansive partner community continue to innovate and deliver imaginative and diverse hardware to meet the needs and preferences of the 1.2 billion Windows users around the world. 

More personal, more apps

Windows 8.1 Preview enhances the visually stunning Windows 8, making the experience not only more vibrant and powerful, but also more personal. Apps are a vital part of this experience. On screens big and small, apps are immersive, rich, and intuitive to use. The Windows Store is the place to find new apps and old favorites. With over 80,000 apps since the launch of Windows 8, the Store is constantly being refreshed with high-quality submissions from a global community of creative app developers, and the majority of top iPad and Android apps will be available by the time Windows 8.1 releases.

More of the cloud and the web

The cloud is now a no-effort affair. When you sign in to Windows 8.1 Preview with a Microsoft account, SkyDrive brings together all of your Windows 8.1 PC’s or tablets–and even your Xbox console or Windows Phone. It’s the place to save your photos, docs, and other files, so you can get to them from virtually anywhere. Powered by Bing, the Search charm now works across your device, apps, and the web.

More devices

If you’re looking for the latest hardware this holiday season, new Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 tablets and PCs will offer more devices and advances in screens, battery life, and performance. The fundamentals you’ve come to expect from Windows– performance, stability, security, and fast startup and shut down–are great when you’re using a Windows 8.1 device.

Free download

Download Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 for free from your Windows 8 PC. Windows 8.1 is an easy and free update from Windows 8. You get it the same way you get an app from the Windows Store. Tap or click on the Windows 8.1 in the Store page and download the update while you continue to use your PC.


Please check out the Windows 8.1 Preview in detail



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