Skydrive Rocks…Microsoft is making some much needed improvements to Skydrive that I believe are exceptional

Skydrive: Microsoft is making some much needed
improvements to Skydrive that I believe are exceptional.

Get the SkyDrive app for your PC or Mac

With the free SkyDrive app, your important files and photos are with you wherever you go. Get the SkyDrive app

  • Phone apps for all major makes are available
    allowing easy access to files and pictures
  • MAC app available
  • New Windows 7 App that integrates Live Mesh
    functionality. Syncs to your local drive and integrates with Explorer.


  • A change in storage limits. By default, new
    users will get 7GB of free storage. If you already have skydrive, please click here to keep the
    25GB you already had. Making this change allows us to offer higher levels of
    storage. For example, I’m adding 100GB of storage to my skydrive which will
    allow me to store all my files, music, and pictures online plus sync to local
    devices I choose.


  • Windows 8 will offer even more integration with
    Skydrive so starting to use it now will only make you more prepared when we
    ship later this year.


  • For Live@EDU customers, all indications are that
    this does affect you. Please let your users know to use the above link to
    retain the 25GB they have now on Skydrive. I recommend highly you start
    thinking about plans for getting to Office 365 when we start migrations later
    this summer.
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