*NEW* Office 365 Pricing for Education

On March 14th, we updated our pricing plans for Office 365 for education and reiterated our intention to get to broad general availability by Summer 2012.  Please feel free to follow up with us for a briefing.  This is an exciting development, and represents an on-going investment by Microsoft in the education sector.


If you previously referred to our original offer plans, you will see some key updates now:

  • The Office 365 for education Academic Plan A2 will now be offered for free to students and faculty/staff.
  • Academic Plan A1 and Individual plan Exchange Online plan 1 will no longer be offered to new online services customers at general availability since A2 comprises everything that was in those plans.
  • We have updated our pricing for A3 and A4 with revised estimated retail prices.  Soon, we will also have step-up pricing for these plans for CoreCAL and ECAL volume licensing customers.
  • We have added further pricing details on Individual Plans.  These provide services like Archiving, Office subscription, amongst other options.


The Office 365 services are the same ones we provide to our enterprise customers.  I would invite you to review the Office 365 offers via our service descriptions.


Live@edu customers can begin transitioning to Office 365 for education at the launch in Summer 2012.  We'll provide more details on exact timing of transitions and preparation steps as we come closer to general availability.  The transition process will automatically subscribe customers to Exchange Online Plan 1 for academic, which is contractually covered under the existing Live@edu terms of use so no new service agreement is required.  Once the transition completes, customers can upgrade to the Office 365 for education A2 plan for free.  At the point of upgrade, customers will need to agree to the Microsoft Online Services Agreement or an updated Volume Licensing
Agreement.  Live@edu customers that wish to migrate sooner than can explore our Live@edu Transition to Office 365 for Education Technology Adopter Program, this may not work for everyone, but the option exists for those that want to talk to us about transitioning early.


We look forward to discussing these exciting updates with you directly!  You can also keep up to date on the latest developments for Office 365 for education by signing up for our newsletter.


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