CXM? Yep, Customer Experience Management | The evolution of Digital Marketing Platforms

Forrester recently released a new report extolling the potential of CXM platforms and solutions. 

Along with the new report, they have created a great graphic positioning the components of a CXM solution.

Source:  Forrester, The Forrester Wave: Web Content Managment for Online Customer Experience

Forrester lists six cogs in the CXM wheel:

  1. Web Content Management
  2. On-site search
  3. Personalization and Marketing automation
  4. Commerce platforms
  5. Customer service interaction management
  6. Analytics, test and optimization

These areas really validate Microsoft's Digital Marketing Platform strategy.  With SharePoint for Internet Sites, Microsoft is focused on delivering core Internet Sites platform capabilities including Web Content Management and best in class search capabilities out of the box with FAST Search for SharePoint, built into SharePoint for Internet Sites Enterprise.

For personalization capabilities and marketing automation, we have many capable System Integrator (SI) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) who provide solutions including Intlock, with their SharePoint Marketing Suite.

From a Commerce platform perspective, there are many capable ISV and SI partners delivering integrated commerce capabilities both with and without Microsoft Commerce Server including Orckestra, with their Overture Digital Marketing Suite and Cactus, with their CommerceLive offering, which includes a hosted, cloud-based offering; both solutions are built on SharePoint for Internet Sites and FAST Search for SharePoint.

Customer service interaction management capabilites can be delivered through Microsoft partners, SharePoint360 and Telligent's Community platform.

Finally, Microsoft recently announced a strong alliance with Webtrends, the godfather of Internet Web Analytics, who quite literally founded the Web Analytics business and now provide a suite of analytics, test and optimization tools for SharePoint for Internet Sites with their new offering, Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint 2010.

What all this shapes up to is an integrated Digital Marketing Platform and a wide breadth of CXM capabilities delivered piecemeal; not everyone needs the entire CXM stack, end-to-end.  The flexibility provided by the Microsoft Digital Marketing Platform and our vast ecosystem of partner offerings allows you to start small and grow over time, plugging in components as needed, customizing your SharePoint-based website with components as you require functionality.

Address the basics out of the box with SharePoint for Internet Sites and FAST Search, and leverage our vast partner ecosystem as you innovate and grow your digital marketing presence.

Want to learn more?  Come visit us at the SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim at SPC206:  Campaign and Experience Management on a SharePoint 2010 Website:


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