Indonesian Nonprofit Takes Operations to the Cloud

Indonesian nonprofit YCAB Foundation has been expanding rapidly, and needed its IT to match the demands from its work. Learn how Microsoft has helped transform its IT to enable better programs and reach more underserved youth.

#YouthSpark: Programming Change in Indonesia

At 16 per cent, the rate of Internet access in Indonesia is among the lowest in Southeast Asia. Even so, Esther Sianipar does not think it is contradictory to teach coding to children and youth. She tells us why, and explains what coding literacy really means.

Empowering Local Startups to help Bridge the Digital Divide

Four Asian companies recently received the Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative grant to aid their efforts in closing the connectivity gap in Asia. Learn more about what they do, and how they plan to use the grant.

Inspiring Little Ones to Think Big at the Hour of Code

Microsoft Indonesia recently invited 55 children to participate in the Hour of Code, where they were given the opportunity to learn basic coding fundamentals through a Minecraft-themed coding tutorial.

Children get Creative with Coding for Environmental Awareness

var post id: = ♻ facebook → post text(“”, “hello from TouchDevelop!”) To many of us, the line above appears to be gibberish but there is a group of Indonesian children who would know it is a visual programming language, Touch Develop. At a coding workshop hosted in Jakarta by Microsoft Indonesia and local programming course provider…

Hour of Code 2015 Stretches across 17 Asian Countries to Reach Over 230,000 Youth

By Jeff Bullwinkel, Associate General Counsel and Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft Asia Pacific & Japan Did you know that an average person today has access to more computing power in their back pocket than NASA had when they first put two men on the moon in 1969? But the Digital Age is…

Bringing Computer Science into the Classroom, One Step at a Time

This is part of a series of Educator in Tech profiles, where we capture and share inspirational journeys and words of advice from educators who teach coding or use it to engage students in their classroom. In Yogyakarta, a city renowned for being the centre of education in Indonesia, there is a growing awareness of…

Employee Volunteers Step Up to Serve their Communities

Microsoft has an enduring commitment to fulfill our public responsibilities and serve the needs of people in communities where we work worldwide. Employees are encouraged to contribute their time and resources to impact their communities. The following is a glimpse of what some of our employees have done recently to serve the needs of the…

#WeSpeakCode Spotlight: Fiandra Fatharany

Microsoft’s #WeSpeakCode campaign aims to empower young people across Asia Pacific to learn coding and realise their potential. We spoke to several individuals who are passionate about coding and involved in encouraging others to discover the fun and excitement of learning to code. From developing an app that helps users manage meetings to experimenting with…