Bangladeshi Surf Girls Turn the Tide

The ‘Bangladeshi surf girls’, who recently captured international imagination, took up Microsoft training to learn basic ICT skills. Previously plying their trade along the beach, they now have a livelihood option in IT that they much prefer.


Students and Teachers Design for an Inclusive Education

An inclusive education system does not start with machines, but understanding. And technologies can help take us there. Hong Kong teachers and students got thinking and designing for students with special educational needs.


ICT Guides the Way Out of Unrest

Violence in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand has left youth in the area vulnerable to human trafficking. But ICT can help give them a new start in life.


Using Technology to Combat Trafficking Worldwide

Human traffickers are increasingly taking to the Internet to lure victims, but the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Microsoft are determined to use technology to beat them at their own game.


4 Things to Know About the YouthSpark Grants to 100 Nonprofits

In a bid to help bridge opportunity gaps, Microsoft is injecting US$75 million over the next three years into its initiative YouthSpark. In April, Microsoft unveiled 100 nonprofits that will receive funding for computer science training programmes, grants and partnerships.


Creating Opportunities for Isolated Refugees

Unable to leave the camp and isolated from the rest of the world, the refugees from Tham Hin camp had little opportunity to pick up fundamental skills, vital for life after resettlement. Here’s how Microsoft is offering basic IT training to the youth refugees of Tham Hin camp.


#UpgradeYourWorld: Changing the World, a Child at a Time

We put the spotlight on Save the Children, a global organisation that strives to save children’s lives, fight for their rights, and help them fulfil their potential—ultimately making a positive change to their lives.


#InFocus: Why We Need to Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM Sectors

Women are often underrepresented in technology industries. As part of our International Women’s Day celebration, Aliza Sherman, a new media entrepreneur who is well-versed in women’s technology and business issues, shares her insights on the issue.