Hans Andersen Club Boosts Staff Productivity through Microsoft Cloud-based Solutions

Hans Andersen Club (HAC) is a nonprofit organisation with a strong focus on the wellbeing of children and youth. Aimed at enabling the holistic development of children, HAC promotes reading-related activities to help them adapt more easily to a knowledge-based society. The nonprofit, named after renowned Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, was established in 1963…


Volunteer Service Abroad improves business efficiency with Microsoft

Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) is New Zealand’s largest and most established volunteering agency for international development. Headquartered in Wellington, VSA deploys New Zealand volunteers across Melanesia, Polynesia and Timor-Leste to participate in building the capacity of underserved communities. Image by Volunteer Service Abroad Since its establishment in 1962, VSA has deployed New Zealanders for over…


How Nonprofit Executive Staff Can Ensure Social Media Success

Free Webinar!Wednesday, 10 December, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm (Australia EST) Register now! The rise of social media has profoundly changed the way nonprofits communicate with their donors and supporters, yet most nonprofits do not have a written social media strategy and even fewer have invested the financial resources necessary to be successful on the Social Web….


5 Tips for Building a Business Case for Office 365

Choosing the right cloud solution increases your organization’s efficiency, saves on technology costs and fosters your best collaboration. Microsoft provides Office 365 as a donation to qualifying nonprofits through its software donation programme. Office 365 provides a myriad of Web App tools on the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere. These tools range from the familiar,…


‘How’d You Do That?’ Office 365 to (em)Power your Non-profit

By Marcus Harvey, Consulting & ICT Services Manager, Infoxchange This post is part of a series offering technology tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently, and help people and organisations get the most out of IT. Over the past year, I have had the good fortune to work with non-profits across Australian and…


A Personal Account of the Impact of Typhoon Yolanda

By Karrie Ilagan, Country General Manager, Microsoft Philippines Growing up in the Philippines makes you acutely aware of earthquakes and the monsoon and typhoon seasons; of the rain, wind and sheer power of nature. I have weathered my share of disasters, however, nothing could prepare me for the impact that was Typhoon Yolanda. When this…


Windows 8.1 Now Available for Nonprofits

This story, by Jane Meseck, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft, was first posted 5 November on Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship Blog. Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Windows 8.1 for nonprofits. Thanks to many of you, we received a tremendous response from the nonprofit community around the world with the launch Windows 8. Windows…


Sodateage Net Boosts Support Services with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sodateage Net is a nonprofit organisation that offers employment support and skills training to young people who face difficulties in making the transition to working life and achieving financial independence. Established in 2001 and officially registered as a nonprofit organisation in May 2004, Sodateage Net currently has approximately 70 staff operating in four locations across…


Five Online Fundraising Best Practices for Small NGOs in Developing Countries

The full article was originally posted 10 September 2013 on the Nonprofit Tech for Good Blog by Heather Mansfield. Thanks to Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific, I’ve had the great honor to present a series of online fundraising and social media trainings to over three hundred non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout Asia Pacific over the last three…


The Changing Landscape: An Interview with Beth Kanter

Over the last few years, Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific has been supporting Connecting Up’s annual nonprofit technology conference. This year, we also caught up with two of this year’s keynote speakers in a short series of interviews at the Gold Coast in Australia.  Leading up to the last video, Beth concentrates on the changing landscape…