Using Tech to Serve Communities Better

Thailand boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world at under one percent. However, for people with disabilities in the country, it’s a completely different story—with 6 in 10 unable to secure employment.

Thailand-based nonprofit Social Innovation Foundation (SIF) is committed to changing this situation. By connecting them to employment opportunities, SIF hopes to help people with disabilities become contributing members of society, and boost their confidence and self-worth.

Now in its fourth year of operations, the nonprofit was looking to scale up to reach more beneficiaries and provide a broader range of services—but the question was, how?

“SIF, like many nonprofits in and outside Thailand, did not have the capability to identify their actual needs, nor the capacity to implement a system of technology that suits them best,” said Ildiko Modla-Szalai, Founder of NEEDeed. “By helping nonprofits streamline their operations with the right technology tools, NEEDeed is empowering them to provide better services to more beneficiaries.”

NEEDeed identified that one of the main challenges for SIF was the lack of a centralized database, and accompanying processes to ensure that all beneficiary and sponsor information are well-documented for easy access, collaboration and reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the recommended solution to address this issue. By customizing the tool to the organization’s needs and training their staff, SIF was able to make a smooth transition from their previous paper-based filing system to a digital database in the cloud.

Watch the video below to see how Dynamics 365 helped SIF achieve greater operational efficiency, and better internal and external collaboration, both in and outside the office:

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