Crossroads Foundation Creates Greater Social Impact with Office 365

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Crossroads Foundation had an unconventional start. What started as two professionals volunteering their expertise pro bono turned into a full-fledged nonprofit organisation, with around 60 full-time employees and a network of hundreds of volunteers.

This rapid growth, however, brought the nonprofit to a crossroads as well; its existing infrastructure and communication tools were gradually unable to keep up with its increasing IT demands.

“Due to our recent growth, we had to invest valuable time maintaining our communication systems—precious hours that could have been devoted to working on helping the community,” said Matthew Gow, Director of Strategy and Chief Technology Officer at Crossroads Foundation. “However, if we don’t spend time managing them, our staff and volunteers will not be able to communicate with one another effectively, be it through Skype calls or emails. This will hinder them from getting their jobs done.”

Crossroads Foundation turned to Microsoft for help. Through Microsoft product donation scheme, the nonprofits was able to save at least HK$70,000 that would otherwise be spent replacing email and internal messaging systems, and was channelled to fund their activities and aid for the beneficiaries. More importantly, Crossroads Foundation experienced a great spike in staff productivity with Office 365.


“What’s more important than enabling cost savings is the fact that Office 365 enables our staff to dedicate more time on projects that help make a bigger impact. We want technology that empowers us to do more good, instead of overwhelm us,” said Gow.

Learn how Crossroads Foundation refreshed its IT infrastructure to serve its beneficiaries better. For more information on how Microsoft Cloud Offerings can help your nonprofit, visit



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