Inspiring Little Ones to Think Big at the Hour of Code

On 2 April, the Microsoft office in Jakarta was buzzing with 55 children, chosen based on their submissions to a Junior Reporter IT event, to participate in the Hour of Code. Their excitement and enthusiasm to start coding were palpable as they reported to the office on that Saturday morning with their parents.

With tablets and laptops in hand, the participants embarked on their coding adventure via the Hour of Code tutorial, where they use blocks of code to navigate their characters around the world of Minecraft.

One participant who managed to complete all levels of the tutorial was 10 year-old Erlangga, who wishes to build his own apps one day. “I’d like to build game apps where people can create their own characters and have a lot of fun with it—just like those pictures I drew about my game!” he exclaimed.

Like Erlangga, Microsoft hopes that other children would be inspired to become part of the next generation of software developers through events such as the Hour of Code.


The children listened in rapt attention before starting on the Hour of Code, which aims to inspire a new generation of software developers by teaching basic programming skills to children as young as seven.


Tinkering away on their tablets and laptops, the children attempted the coding tutorials based on the popular game Minecraft.


Microsoft volunteers were always ready to lend a helping hand to any children facing difficulties with the tutorial.


Participants who completed the tutorials were awarded with a certificate of completion as proof of their tenacity and skill as aspiring young coders.


All smiles for the camera after a fruitful session of coding.

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