The Mindset for a Tech-Driven Education

The technological revolution is shifting paradigms on the way we live, work and relate to one another. Three educationalists talk about the mindset to have in approaching education of the future.


Be open, because no one really knows what will happen


There is no way to predict the future since it will be dramatically changed by innovations that we do not even know of yet. That is why the founder of Finnish education company SCOOL, Saku Tuominen, suggests to stop seeing decisions as a binary of mistakes or successes; he views them all as lessons in the waiting.


Do not be afraid of trying new things


Australian history teacher and eLearning coordinator Matt Esterman is keen to see school culture more embracing of risks, saying, “Perhaps we just have to be a bit bolder, to take risks. If we do that, the kids will learn that taking risks is okay.”

Tuominen is on the same page as him. He encourages educators to “inspire each other to try new things”, and to continue sharing innovations across borders. “The biggest risk is when we don’t do anything”.


Re-imagine the future


As we witness the fourth industrial revolution, the founder of Global Future Education Foundation and Institute Marc Prensky says, we need to ask “how will things be different in a future where everyone is connected”.

We have to challenge ourselves in rethinking how to best harness impending changes to improve society.


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