6 Windows Apps for Social Good

Today, the world is virtually at your fingertips. You can get the latest news, keep in touch with family and friends, and even stream your favourite TV shows, anytime, anywhere. Apart from enabling convenience in your everyday life, mobile apps can also help you connect with nonprofits and their beneficiaries, and provide you with all the information and resources you need to make a difference—big or small—in the world you live in. Here is our pick of six Windows apps that can help you do social good.


Donate Blood

Want to save a life by donating blood? The Donate Blood app simplifies and shortens this process by allowing donors and potential recipients to contact one another directly, especially when they share the same blood type. You will also be informed of blood banks and hospitals in your vicinity, so that you can be notified immediately whenever there is an urgent request for your blood type.

Available in India



Education is a vital component of a child’s upbringing, and this Solidare app helps put out-of-school children back to school. Through the app, you can help give a child an education by donating to the nearest beneficiary from your location, while keeping an eye on the child’s progress in school.

Available in Indonesia


Relief Central

Created with relief workers in mind, the Relief Central app includes essential information that relief workers, healthcare providers and first responders in disaster relief situations need to do their job efficiently and effectively, from safety tips to health guidelines.

Available worldwide



Recycle This!

You might be familiar with the “reduce, reuse and recycle” mantra, but how exactly can you make the most out of your waste and help the environment? Not to worry. With Recycle This!, you gain access to a detailed cheat sheet of what should be recycled, what should be treated as compost, and what should be trashed completely.

Available worldwide




Keen on doing charitable work, but not sure who to approach? The SaveMillions app lets you know which organisations are most in need of social assistance. Grouped into categories such as disaster relief, education or humanitarian, this app will also conveniently locate the nearest foundation that needs an extra helping hand.

Available in Indonesia



MSN Health & Fitness

While helping others is important, taking care of yourself—by keeping yourself in shape and healthy—is also important. MSN Health & Fitness gives you access to a rich set of tools and comprehensive content for all your health needs, including workout routines and exercise videos to nutritional and medical references, as well as trackers for diet, exercise and weight.

Available worldwide


Have a favourite Windows app you use for social good? Let us know how you use it to upgrade the world you live in!

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