#UpgradeYourWorld: Building the Future in the Philippines

The launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS), Windows 10, was met with much fanfare, and Microsoft plans to keep up the momentum by committing to a year-long #UpgradeYourWorld programme—a campaign to fund and inspire positive change across the globe through the work of nonprofit organisations and individuals. Whether their commitment is large or small, global or local, we are celebrating the many ways people are upgrading the world around them.

 Microsoft employees joined Gawad Kalinga in helping a village in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, as part of the #UpgradeYourWorld global initiative


One such organisation is Gawad Kalinga (GK) from the Philippines, a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting nation building within the country. Microsoft Philippines employees took the day off and worked together with GK to help upgrade a growing village in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, participating in a variety of activities—from assisting in the building of house and shelters to offering free IT training for the village’s teachers.

Microsoft also donated computers installed with Windows 10, and 100 hours of free Internet to the village. With the help of the Microsoft volunteers and GK staff, the teachers were taught some basic IT skills, which can be applied to enhance learning for their students, and make lessons more engaging and fun for them.

“As Gawad Kalinga strives to build the nation by helping five million Filipino families out of poverty, we hope to upgrade the world for this rising community in Nueva Ecija,” said Karrie Ilagan, General Manager for Microsoft Philippines.


Microsoft Philippines took a day off to upgrade the community in Nueva Ecija

Through their collective efforts, the volunteers were able to help rebuild the house, one step at a time


To revitalise the village and make it seem more homely for the villagers, the volunteers also gave old houses a fresh coat of paint



More than just building houses, the volunteers understood they were playing a part in improving the quality of life for the villagers—increasing knowledge being an essential



They taught the teachers from the village how to use the newly donated computers to enhance their students’ learning in the classroom


Through a fundraising event, Microsoft also donated 200,000 pesos to Gawad Kalinga, which will go toward helping the organisation extend its aid and support to more Filipino communities

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