TV White Space Closes Digital Divide in Kenya

With more than 4 billion people in the world lacking internet access, Mawingu Networks hopes to provide a solution. The company uses TV white space, or the gaps in between TV channels, to deliver fast, affordable and reliable connectivity to rural areas in Kenya.

Learn how having Internet access is transforming schools, farms and local residents in Nanyuki, a town of 30,000 nestled near Mount Kenya 125 miles north of Nairobi. Using the power of the Internet to pursue passions, advance their education and better understand the world is having an impact.


Mawingu is part of Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative to improve global competitiveness in Africa. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visited Kenya, and Nanyuki, to celebrate the launch of Windows 10, and to see firsthand how technology can transform people and organisations.

“When I think about the true opportunity of technology in years to come, it is true empowerment that spreads more evenly,” Nadella said. “And that is the opportunity here.”

Read the full story on the Microsoft News Centre.

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