It’s a Wrap! Asia Teams Scored at Imagine Cup Finals 2015

In another banner year for Asian teams, young innovators from across the region captured our imagination again with their winning projects at the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals 2015. Held in Microsoft’s home turf of Seattle, teams from Australia, Singapore and China stood out from a packed field of 33 teams, each managing to clinch a spot in the top three of their respective categories.  

Australia’s Team Virtual Dementia Experience from Swinburne University of Technology wanted to provide people a glimpse into the everyday life of someone suffering from dementia, and the challenges they face. Their project, aptly named the Virtual Dementia Experience (VDE), simulates the effects of ageing and dementia in a virtual environment. Their idea earned the students a first-place finish in the World Citizenship category.

 Team Virtual Dementia Experience celebrating their triumph at the World Citizenship category 

Runners-up in the same category is Team Mozter from Singapore. With mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever prevalent in Singapore, this team of Temasek Polytechnic students designed a mosquito monitoring system to help ease the spread and impact of the disease on the community—with the use of the Internet of Things and cloud-based technologies.

 Team Mozter developed a mosquito monitoring system to help alleviate the dengue fever epidemic 

Team T.H.I.E.F from China’s Shanghai Jia Tong University secured third place in the Games category with their 3D touch control game, Lost Shadow. In this visually compelling game, players are set in a fantasy world where they have to solve a series of puzzles to regain their “lost shadows”.

 The 3D puzzle game, Lost Shadow, developed by China team T.H.I.E.F 

While the World Champion title went to Brazil’s Team eFitFashion, it was a still remarkable achievement for this year’s Asian finalists to have made it far into the competition. We are also extremely proud of Jason Chee from Singapore, who was awarded this year’s Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) of the Year. This award goes to the MSP who demonstrates advanced technical skills in the quality of the apps created, as well as the events organised to reach students.

Congratulations once again to the winners, and all the other Asia Pacific teams that participated in this year’s Imagine Cup Finals. Visit to discover more about their projects, and find out what’s in store for the competition in 2016!

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