Two Indonesians Prove Coding’s Not Just for IT Professionals

Marrying code with creative pursuits such as music and fashion design may sound like a tall order for most, but two Indonesians have stepped up to the challenge.

Invited by Microsoft Indonesia to develop applications related to their professions, Ayu Dian Andasari and Dwika Putra managed to accomplish just that. Mentored by Wahyudi, co-founder of Coding Indonesia, this creative duo completed two great coding projects by learning how to code with just 15 hours of training.



 Dwika created a music visualisation app that generates animated visuals to match the pitch and intonation of musical instruments.

Though he studied IT in college, independent musician Dwika never considered taking his coding skills beyond what he was taught in class, choosing instead to focus on his musical interests. Challenged to develop an application to enrich listening experiences, Dwika came forth with a music visualisation app called SongFlake, which generates animated visuals that match the pitch and intonation of musical instruments.

 Ayu showcasing Technoethnic, an interactive app that allows users to customise new outfits online.

Ayu is part of Indonesia’s emerging group of fashion designers, having participated in various fashion events such as the Jakarta Fashion Week. To stay ahead in the fast-paced world of fashion, the former Microsoft Womenpreneur finalist is always game for new and unique ways to connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts through technology.

Despite having no prior coding experience, Ayu successfully completed her coding project Technoethnic, an interactive app that allows trend-setters to easily customise new outfits online.

“In the digital era, it is important for more young Indonesians to gain a deeper understanding of coding and become tech creators,” said Esther Sianipar, Community Affairs Manager for Microsoft Indonesia. “We are confident that the #WeSpeakCode campaign will help change the perception that coding can only be done by IT professionals.”

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