From Trainee to Trainer: Microsoft Student Partner, Rong Kang

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” – Phil Collins.

This saying has never been more true than for students in the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) programme, who first joined with a burning desire to learn more about technology and later evolved into sharing their knowledge with the world.

Having fallen in love with technology in his secondary school days, Rong Kang wondered, “What’s behind all this cool tech that I am using right now?”

This fascination led him to enroll in Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore, where he joined the Singapore MSP programme in 2012. After completing his Diploma in IT, Rong Kang became an MSP Programme Lead as part of his duties as a Technical Evangelist Intern at Microsoft Singapore.

“I really wanted to learn more about the inner workings of Microsoft and I applied to become an MSP to gain more opportunities to try out their new technologies. That’s how it all started!” Rong Kang explained.

His journey to becoming a Trainer started when he helped fellow classmates debug their school projects. He would then show them what the root of the problem was, and explain how to fix it. For Rong Kang, this extended to conducting workshops for his fellow MSPs during their meetups.

“I am passionate about technology and people. I love helping others get started on learning something new, such as coding or making an app.”

During the YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode Back-to-School with Code contest in March, MSPs were challenged to share their love for code by promoting and teaching basic coding skills in a classroom using’s Hour of Code, Kodu, TouchDevelop or Windows App Studio. More than 60 MSPs, from over 14 countries across Asia Pacific, have registered for the contest.

To help participants structure their own training sessions, a three-part ‘Train-the-Trainer’ series of live-online workshops was hosted by Microsoft staff and MSPs, including Rong Kang. After being trained on the various coding tools and programs they would be using, the MSPs had to contact their alma maters, from primary and secondary schools to universities and colleges, to schedule coding workshops.

The contest participants are now busy planning and conducting their workshops and outreach campaigns, with an expected reach of 1,000 students by the end of April. The four MSP trainers to conduct the most creative event with the most new coders trained will win a new Microsoft Lumia Phone or an Acer Iconia Tablet.

Rong Kang is excited to see his fellow MSPs train others to code. “I feel that the MSPs are filling a really important role as leaders in their technology clubs and communities. By sharing their knowledge of coding and technology, they are enabling their peers to use the code they learn to make applications out of technology. Way to go guys!”

Stay tuned for our coverage on the Back-to-School with Code contest winners. Till then, learn to code and pass it on! 

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  1. Rong Kang says:

    Thank you for the fantastic article and mention Citizenship Asia Pacific team! You guys rock 😀

    If any readers would like to connect with me, please send me a message on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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