66 sessions in 8 Cities: Microsoft MVPs Engage Young Developers and Students in Japan

Microsoft Japan’s MVP Community Camp (ComCamp) aims to boost capacity building through a series of webcast and in-person seminars delivered by Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). Featuring 66 technical sessions on a wide range of topics, this year’s Japan MVP ComCamp In-Person Seminars took place in eight cities with the support of 47 technical communities across the country.

The event attracted more than 700 attendees for its onsite sessions, while close to 4,000 people participated in the webcasts. Here are the event highlights, shared through the impressions of the MVPs and Microsoft team members at the scene.

IoT Innovators Cultivation Cup (Ideathon) in Tokyo

Shinichiro Isago, Evangelist at Microsoft Japan: “This competition provided a platform for 70 young developers to showcase their innovative IoT applications. Of the many noteworthy ideas, we were particularly impressed with the IoT-enabled climbing gloves developed by the eventual winners. The gloves not only serve as a GPS tracking device, they also enable rock climbers to monitor their body temperature and blood oxygen levels."

Technical Seminar in Tohoku

Yuya Yamaki, Microsoft MVP: “This year, Microsoft wanted to provide more opportunities for university students to play an active role in conducting the technical sessions and to share their enthusiasm for the latest technologies. We received positive feedback from the participants, who said they gained a deeper understanding of topics such as cloud computing through the course content that was developed.”

Technical Seminar in Hiroshima

Madoka Sawa, Microsoft Technology Centre Director in Japan: "In collaboration with Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University, we conducted a lively panel discussion to exchange views on the latest issues facing students. Topics raised during the discussion included how learning English is becoming one of the important skills for Japanese professionals to communicate ideas effectively with their peers in the global IT industry."

Programming Class for Middle-School Students in Tokyo

Ken Azuma, Microsoft MVP: “In our efforts to get young students interested in coding, we thought it would be good to try reaching out to children whose parents are working in the IT industry. The 29 students who attended the event had a fun-filled first experience in coding, and managed to pick up basic programming language in just a matter of a few hours!”

Technical Seminar in Osaka

Bin Matsui, Microsoft MVP: “Our aim was to bring together various Microsoft communities in the Osaka area to provide event participants the specific technology training they needed. We see our primary role as providing a conducive learning environment for young people who are aspiring to become developers and IT professionals, and I think this year’s event has been a resounding success.”

Microsoft Japan would like to thank all the MVPs and technical community leaders for their dedication to making MVP ComCamp 2015 possible. We look forward to your support again next year!

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