The Suitcase that Brings Digital Literacy Across Nepal

By Junu Thapa, Manager, Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal There is a suitcase that my team treasures dearly. It follows us from village to village in Nepal, when we travel to our digital literacy trainings. Over the last three years, it has visited dozens of rural communities, from the eastern district of Lahan to the…


6 Windows Apps for Social Good

Today, the world is virtually at your fingertips. You can get the latest news, keep in touch with family and friends, and even stream your favourite TV shows, anytime, anywhere. Apart from enabling convenience in your everyday life, mobile apps can also help you connect with nonprofits and their beneficiaries, and provide you with all…


Challenge for Change: In Conversation with the Asian Winners

It was a regular morning for 20 year-old Roopam Sharma as he entered the school lab and turned on his laptop, until he found out that he won in the Microsoft Challenge for Change global contest.


Turning Great ideas into Greater Apps at Sri Lanka’s Children’s Hackathon

Back in 2014, 25 teams of secondary school students from across Sri Lanka pitted their skills against one another at the country’s very first Children’s Hackathon for a common goal: to solve the issues faced by underprivileged Sri Lankan children through technology. This year, the Children’s Hackathon was conducted a little differently. Wildly impressed by…


The Hour of Code is Back!

By Cesar Cernuda, President, Microsoft Asia Pacific Asia is home to more than 1.1 billion young people, and it’s amazing to hear that at least four out of every five students find that “coding is cool”. Yet, despite this enthusiasm and interest, only 53% of youth in the Asia Pacific region feel that they have…


Travel to the States—or even Antarctica—from the Classroom!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go on an overseas field trip or talk to people from different countries—without taking a single step out of your classroom? With Skype and a steady Internet connection, this is entirely possible. In fact, it is already taking place around the world. Through Skype in the Classroom,…


#UpgradeYourWorld: Building the Future in the Philippines

The launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS), Windows 10, was met with much fanfare, and Microsoft plans to keep up the momentum by committing to a year-long #UpgradeYourWorld programme—a campaign to fund and inspire positive change across the globe through the work of nonprofit organisations and individuals. Whether their commitment is large or small,…


Mobile Tech Builds Stronger, More Resilient Communities in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

By Emma Hanley, Major Partnerships Manager (Asia), ActionAid Known as the ‘rice bowl’ of the country, the Mekong Delta region in southern Vietnam stretches across lush greenery interlaced with rivers and canals. Fertile and densely-populated, it is home to 17 million people. Though beautiful, it is a fragile ecosystem. The flatland is vulnerable to natural…


Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorial to Inspire Students

When Minecraft was released in 2011, it exploded in popularity. To the community of over 100 million players around the world, the award-winning game represents creativity, strategy, collaboration, survival and so much more. But do you that Minecraft also has the power to transform learning on a global scale? By enabling students to create a…


Celebrating World Inventors’ Day 2015

Many of today's technologies that we take for granted—the Internet, global positioning systems (GPS), the laser, multi-touch displays, search engines—are inventions that were made possible by people who took their ideas and made them a reality. Inventors’ Day has been adopted by many countries around the world, not only to remember those whose inventions are…