How Nonprofit Executive Staff Can Ensure Social Media Success

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Wednesday, 10 December, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm (Australia EST) Register now!

The rise of social media has profoundly changed the way nonprofits communicate with their donors and supporters, yet most nonprofits do not have a written social media strategy and even fewer have invested the financial resources necessary to be successful on the Social Web. Social media can be a powerful tool for fundraising and cause awareness, but if it’s not managed correctly, then it can be a waste of time and resources.

The content of this webinar is specifically tailored for executive staff in the nonprofit sector, particularly those who may be skeptical or unclear of the value of social media. It will help executive staff become an ally to implementing a successful social media strategy that produces positive results for your organization.

The webinar will: 

  • Demonstrate the value of social media to increase online fundraising and brand recognition as well as the importance of having a written social media strategy
  • Discuss how much time successful social media communications require, and consequently highlight the need to modify job descriptions of development and communications staff
  • Illuminate how social media success requires professional experience or training in online communications and fundraising
  • Put forward a minimal budget to be successful on the Social Web
  • Examine the need to create a social media policy
  • Present a system to track Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Discuss the urgent need to prepare for the Mobile Web

This webinar is sponsored by Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific and will be presented by Heather Mansfield of Nonprofit Tech for Good.

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  1. Webinars delivered by Heather Mansfield from Nonprofit Tech for Good are not recorded; Microsoft is sponsoring this webinar series to bring the training to the nonprofit sector for free as part of Microsoft’s Technology for Good program. However, we will
    send out notes from the webinar, so if you register for it, we will have your email, and can send you the notes afterwards.

  2. To register for the webinar, please click on the ‘Register now!’ link at the top of the post. Once registered, we will have your email and will send out the notes after the webinar.

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  4. Linda Kirkpatrick says:

    How do I connect to the webinar?

  5. Gigi says:

    Neither of those days and times will work for me. Will you be recording the session? If so, how can I go about accessing it? Thanks.

  6. Geoff Murray says:

    I wish to register for the webinar on Wednesday, 10 December. I would also like to receive the notes after the event. Thank you.

  7. Kate Burke says:

    I hope that it is not too late to register for today’s event

  8. Microsoft Asia Pacific Citizenship Team says:

    For those who missed the webinar and are interested in the notes, please send your email to and we will email them to you. Thank you for your interest!

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