South Korean Nonprofits Want to Work in the Cloud

Recently, over 150 nonprofit professionals and government representatives from around South Korea travelled to Seoul for NGO Cloud Day, co-sponsored by Microsoft Korea and Korea Association of Social Workers.

Held quarterly since 2008, the event is aimed at strengthening the IT capacity of social workers. Each round typically involves over a thousand social workers participating in seminars and training sessions on the latest IT trends, as well as the strategies that should be adopted to keep pace with evolving technology.

This time, the event focused heavily on cloud technology and case examples of how it can help improve non-governmental organisation (NGO) operations. It featured various talks which include:

  • Creativity for Youths
  • Cloud Collaboration with Office 365
  • Dynamic Customer Relationship Management

After the event, a satisfied participant Dae Joong Kim from World Hope Asia and Africa Foundation, said, “It is so inconvenient to write work journals by hand, and it is even more difficult to store or share them. However with OneNote, based on Office 365, note-keeping is a piece of cake!”

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