Winners of YouthSpark WeSpeakCode Instagram Contest Announced

After tallying the thousands of likes on Instagram Contest entries received from across Asia Pacific, three grand prize winners have been selected from ten finalists. Photos were submitted from across the region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

What were the most interesting places to code? From coding outdoors, using multiple screens simultaneously to coding in the toilet, we received photos of young people coding in funny, crazy and beautiful places.

Dian Anggraini (@anggeyanggraini), one of the three grand prize winners (who each received a Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile phone), said, “For me, coding is something which can never get boring because I am always learning about something new. I like the feeling that I get when I accomplish something new and difficult. I always try to find something just out of my skill range and then learn how to do it!”

Ecstatic grand prize winner, Adriani Sarastasya Zenitha (@aszenitha), enthused, “I'm so happy! I didn't really expect to win. I've always wanted a Nokia Lumia since the 920 came out, and now I got the Lumia 1020 from this contest. So, yeah! I'm totally excited!”

“Coding is the way we make cool and useful stuff,” declared longtime coder and the contest’s third grand prize winner, M. Warizmi Wafiq (@mwarizmiwafiq). “I think coding is one of the most important lessons. You learn to solve problems, do things efficiently. I always imagined to do great things with the computer, so I taught myself coding since junior high school. I built my own blog to look different with my friend when I was in senior high school. And, right now, I am developing some apps with my team, especially related to GIS and disaster mitigation.”

Click on the names below to take a look at the Instagram photos submitted by the rest of our top ten entries who each received a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and a limited edition #WeSpeakCode t-shirt and sweatband.

Bintang Thunder Rolintua Lumban Gaol (@bintangthunder)
Ema Latersia (@emalaters)
Leo Pripos Marbun (@leopripos)
Issaret Prachitmutita (@imacmonochrome)
Grace Yanni Sibarani (@gezzyanni)
Zanna Sukses Simarmata (@zannasukses)
Kartika Sari Sitorus (@kartikatorus)

Thanks to all of our winners for your enthusiasm and participation!
Continue to follow coding activities in Asia at our WeSpeakCode Facebook page.

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  1. Zanna Sukses Simarmata says:

    I’m Zanna Sukses Simarmata. I just opened this page, and i find something incorrect. My IG username is : zannasukses not sammleeailiang.



    Zanna Sukses Simarmata

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