Delivering a Positive Impact: Crossing Wang

This is part of a series of articles highlighting the valuable work that Microsoft’s Community Affairs Managers are doing in Asia.

Teamwork and collaboration, as Crossing Wang learned in her capacity as Community Affairs Manager at Microsoft China, hold the keys to building successful outreach. And it is that sense of shared purpose that Crossing hopes to achieve in every project she manages—whether it’s working closely with her team members to drive Microsoft’s citizenship efforts or supporting volunteer programmes that bridge employees with the community.

Equally important, Crossing believes that corporations such as Microsoft have a pivotal role to play in bridging the opportunity divide in China and empowering underprivileged people to realise their full potential through technology.

“As a reputable company with vast experience in running corporate citizenship programmes, we need to set a good example in promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and motivating more enterprises to bring about a positive change,” said Crossing. “We also see a huge potential for Microsoft to build the capacity of nonprofits by doing what we do best: using technology, which will help improve efficiency in these organisations and bring about long-term benefits.”

Having first joined Microsoft in 2005, Crossing is responsible for managing a wide range of CSR activities and projects focused on fostering greater opportunities for young people in China through the recently launched China YouthSpark programme. For instance, she led her team in collaborating with Fuping Development Institute to run 15 community youth centres where digital literacy skills were taught. Microsoft China also partnered with Tsinghua University Student Club to incubate social entrepreneurship and help develop the local technology talents in the country.

“The Sichuan earthquake came as a great shock to all of us, and we responded as quickly as we could,” Crossing recalled. “The China team got together within hours to brainstorm about what Microsoft could do. We later donated relief packages and helped local nonprofits in their monitoring efforts. The Microsoft China staff also did their part in contributing money and organising events to help raise funds. We hope that the rebuilding efforts are progressing smoothly.”

Another aspect that has brought Crossing considerable satisfaction is the use of information technology (IT) as a powerful tool to impact lives and inspire the next generation of social innovators in China. A recent project that she is very excited about is Microsoft's collaboration with the China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment on a programme that will see the deployment of Office 365™, and, most importantly, aim to benefit more than 8.6 million young people in China.

A simple smile from a nonprofit partner, or a hug of appreciation from a trainee graduating from a community youth centre — these serve as a motivation for Crossing to keep at what she has been doing.

“I love my job, I love my team, and I am thankful that my work in Microsoft enables me to do my part in contributing to my community!” Crossing concluded. 

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